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Aleksin Plant of Heavy Industrial Valves JSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" - the largest company in Russia specializing in pipeline valves designed for gas, petroleum, chemical, power and other industries.

The plant was founded in 1728 and has been manufacturing pipeline valve since 1938.


The company produces a wide range of valves for oil pipelines: slide and wedge gate valves, ball valves, check valves.
The unique slide gate valves (up to DN 1200 mm and PN 15 MPa) designed for project ESPO allow to be repaired and inspected without being cut from the pipeline, are capable to relieve pressure under increased nominal value and may be installed in regions with seismicity up to 10 points.


Over the half of ball valves used in the national system of gas supply are made by our factory. Design and process solutions used in modern ball valves (up to DN 1400 mm and PN 16 MPa) provide for high reliability, high grade of leak-proofness and long service life of products allowing to be actuated by quick acting homing devices of various manufacturers.


The company produces the high-tech valves for nuclear power stations: wedge gate valves of high (up to PN 24,5 MPa) and low pressures (up to PN 4 MPa), check valves (up to PN 20 MPa). The new products of the factory designed for nuclear power stations are characterized with the stricter requirements to operating life and more reliable values comparing to equivalent thereof. The service life assigned of body parts extends to 50 years, high-wearing parts 10 years; mean life between failures 1400 cycles.

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