Aleksin Plant of Heavy Industrial Valves - Tyazhpromarmatura
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JSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" produces a wide line of pipeline valves:

  • ball valves designed for gas, oil and oil products DN 10 -1400 mm PN 1.6 -16.0 MPa;
  • ball valves designed for gas, water, steam and other non-aggressive media DN 25-700 mm PN up to 2.5 MPa;
  • slide gate valves for oil and oil products DN 250-1200 mm PN 1.6-15.0 MPa (including the seismic version);
  • wedge gate valves designed for non-aggressive oil-products, oil, water, steam, liquid ammonia, natural gas DN 100-1200 mm PN 1.6-10.0 MPa;
  • actuators and gearboxes for operating the pipeline valves;
  • special valves to be installed on active, modernized and new facilities of nuclear power stations (types and ):
    • wedge gate valves DN from 80 up to 800 mm from 1,1 up to 24,5 MPa;
    • check valves of safety grades II and III- DN from 100 up to 600 mm, working pressure from 5,5 up to 20,0 MPa.

Ball valves, slide and wedge gate valves are completed with domestic and foreign electric actuators.
The whole line of the products issued has mounting sizes in accordance with ISO standards, which allows on customer request to use the actuators of various manufacturers.

Annually the plant manufactures over 25,000 valves including valves of diameter DN 50 –1,400 mm.



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